11 Best Online Thrift and Consignment Store

best online thrift storeAccording to America’s Research Group, a consumer research firm, 16-18% of Americans will shop at a thrift store during a given year. There has been an increase by approximately 7% in the number of new thrift and consignment shops in the past 2 years. As with the growth of physical thrift stores, we have seen a growth in online thrift and consignment stores as well. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite online thrift and consignment store.  Poshmark, online thriftamd consignment store

Poshmark– This site launched in 2011, as a mobile app, which people could buy and sell their clothes. Since then, they have also expanded to the online marketplace. The app was the first of it’s kind to allow users to create their own closet and sell their unwanted women’s fashion accessories, while taking just a small percentage from the sell.

They have a very easy to use search option where you can search by brand, size, price, and many more options. You can also follow people’s closets that you like and they will show up in your feed.  Poshmark also throws Posh Parties, where thousands of people come together 3 times a day, 7 days a week, for virtual themed selling parties. No matter your style or taste, you are bound to find tons of clothes at great prices at this online consignment store.

They have a flat rate shipping fee of $4.99. The seller has 7 days to ship and shipping is 2-3 days. So you get your item fast. You also have no need to worry about not getting your item or getting a fake item. Poshmark, has a great policy called Posh Protect, to protect the buyer and the seller.

Thred-up online thrift and consignment store

Thred-Up– Founded in 2009, in Cambridge Mass., by James Reinhardt. James Reinhart pitched his idea for an online consignment store, where consumers could buy and sell secondhand clothing, 27 times before he earned the start- up for Thred Up. On Thred-Up you can buy secondhand clothing that has been hand selected to be sold online. This online consignment store will buy your secondhand clothing that is in pristine condition.

They only consign top quality name brands like, anthropologie, theory, and J.Crew, to name a few. Thred-Up also has a vast selection of kids clothing for all ages.  From brands like Gap, Gymboree, and Jack and Jill. When it comes to online thrift store, I believe they have the best quality, as they only take in the best quality. Pricing is also very far and they have great items for sale on their sale pages.

There is a standard flat rate shipping fee of $5.99. But, without the personal sellers like Poshmark, you get your items withing 3-8 business days. Thred-up is also one of the only fashion resale sites to offer credits for joining. You get $10 to spend just for joining through this link Thred-Up.

mercari-online thrift and consignment store

Mercari– A mobile marketplace for quickly and securely buying and selling clothing, electronics, specialty items, and much more. It was first started in Japan, in 2013. Then, in 2014, it made its way over to the United States to jump on our online thrift and consignment store bandwagon.

It is set up a lot like Poshmark, being that you deal with the seller themselves, who are selling their secondhand items. Unlike Poshmark and other resale sites Mercari allows you to sell other secondhand items other than just reselling clothing. They allow electronics, household items, toys, books and much much more. It is truly a very vast wide online thrift store that has so much to offer.

Your seller chooses the shipping price, but usually it is not more than $6.99. You also have to wait on your seller to ship item, but most sellers are eager to get them shipped so that they can get paid for the item. I bought a gorgeous pair of boots for $4 with $6 shipping. I got them within 2 weeks. You just can’t beat that@! Mercari also offers a small $2 credit just for signing up.


Vinted– Started in 2008, as an online secondhand store. Vinted is now mostly mobile based, a lot like Poshmark and Mercari‘s app. It is an online marketplace to buy, sell, or trade your used clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty products. This online consignment store does not allow you to sell toys, sports equipment, or home accessories. Regardless, you can find tons of great seconhand  clothing online here.

You can pay for your used items with most credit cards, paypal, and android pay. Making it very easy to get the item you want quickly and securely. Like Mercari, the shipping is set by the seller. Once you buy the item, the seller has 5 days to ship it to you. Most will have it shipped withing 2-3 days though. Overall a great online thrift store to check out.


Swap– Started in 2013, in Illinois. Swap is an online consignment store where people send in their used items for resale. Swap is different that the other online thrift and consignment stores because they personally sell the items and they have a huge variety of secondhand things.

With an inventory of more than 340,000 used items, you are sure to find tons of great deals. Swap sells everything from clothes and shoes to used books, movies, and outdoor activities. They have a ton of new and used toys and sports equipment.

Shipping varies per item but there is no waiting on the seller, so your used items will arrive quickly.

Gone Tomorrow–  Starting in 2002, Gone Tomorrow, is one of the first online thrift store. It was originally started as, Once In a Blue Moon Online Thrift and Consignment. But, since it was so long, they changed the name. (Good thinking)

While, they don’t have a very big inventory, at only a little over 1,200 resale items, they have some really unique secondhand items. Like the vintage necklace you have been looking for or maybe those acid washed jeans you have been searching for. Gone Tomorrow also has some gorgeous one of a kind gorgeous one of a kind glassware and collectibles.

With a flat rate shipping of $4.99, you are bound to find something fantastic and a great price.

goodwill online thrift and consignment store

Goodwill– Did you know that America’s favorite thrift store was online? I didn’t until a few months ago. But, I have come to find out that they have had an online thrift and consignment store since 2011. It is different than all of the above online thrift store though, they operate on a bidding platform. Participating Goodwill stores from across the United States, place items that they consider to be the most valuable resell items, up for auction.

You have to sign up for an account before you bid on items for sale. But, it is free! You can then bid on every kind of used item you can imagine. There are authentic handbags, name brand jeans, musical instruments, collectibles, furniture, and so much more. You have to check out their “Hot 50 Items”.

Seriously you can get stuck on here for hours and find so many great deals on thousands on used items. The biggest downfall to Goodwill online is the shipping. Most secondhand items have a flat handling fee on top of the shipping fee, which can sometimes be pricey. But, for the price you will still come out far ahead than if you had bought a new one.

Attic Clothes– Started in 2003, as an online consignment store to buy, sell, or trade your used clothing and collectibles. Attic Clothes also has 3 physical stores in Pennsylvania, where you can consign your secondhand items.

Attic Clothes isn’t as big as most of the other online thrift and consignment store on here but, you can find some really great deals. Such as, a brand new pair of seven for all mankind jeans for $28.95. Those are $100 brand new. They also are the only online thrift store to offer free shipping to the continental United States and Canada.

ModCloth– Founded in 2002, by high school sweethearts in their college dorm room. Mod Cloth is an online marketplace to buy secondhand unique, vintage items.

It is a good bit more expensive than the others, which is why it’s number nine. But, you won’t find their selection of secondhand items anywhere else. They specialize in the retro, indie, and vintage inspired styles. Mod Cloth is where you will find the perfect statement necklace, vintage cookware, or used wedding dress.

With their fast global shipping, your unique secondhand purchase will be in your hands promptly.

Ebay & Craigslist– I believe that there is no way you can mention used or  online thrift and consignment store and not mention these last two online thrift store. They have the biggest online marketplaces for selling your used or unwanted items. I, however don’t believe that they need any introduction or description.

So, that completes my list of the Top 11 Online Thrift and Consignment Store. If you have any feedback or a site that I left out, please comment below, I would love to hear from you!!!







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