New Years Mason Jar Crafts

8 New Years Mason Jar Crafts

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So I know Christmas isn’t even here yet. But I find if I don’t start early, New Years will come and I will be scrambling to get Christmas down and New Years up, before New Years is gone. Well not this year ( i hope) because I have a list of  () simple New Years Mason Jar Crafts to start the year off right!

While I was looking at all the gorgeous black & gold mason jars I could make for New Years, I thought of you guys & decided that I would share my wonderful finds with you beautiful ladies (or guys), so we can all have Sparky Glam New Years! Also, no worries about all the time it will take to make them or even not being crafty, these mason jars are all simple & easy. So grab your mason jars & lets get to this list shall we!

8 New Years Mason Jar Crafts


“Rememulations” Jar/

The staff over at Buzzfeed made “Rememulations” jars. A different spin on your typical memory jar. They each decorated a mason jar, however they wanted, and added in notes of accomplishments and goal that they had done and wanted to remember. Such a creative way to end each year!

New Year’s Eve Mason Jars/

I love Tonia’s blog, The Gunny Sack, she always is making something great. Her New Year’s Eve Mason Jars are cute gifts to give out your New Year’s party. They are also just a easy to make as they are gorgeous! So Thanks Tonia, Fantastic work!


DIY Mason Jar Crafts for New Year’s Decor

The rest of my New Year’s Mason Jar DIY’s are for your New Year’s decor. Let me go ahead and warn you…these are so Beautiful you will want to start on them now…and you may want to find a permanent spot for them in your home after New Year’s has come and gone.



Gold Glitter Mason Jars/

These jars are first painted in gold Krylon paint, then dipped in glitter, for a sparkly, glam finish! You can use these as a centerpiece for your table, mantle, or shelf. Put your utensils in them for a New Year’s party, or simply display them on a shelf. They are sure to add some glam where ever you choose to put them! ( I will definitely be making these! GORGEOUS)

DIY Gold Mason Jar Vases

DIY Gold Mason Jar Vases/

I couldn’t find a tutorial for these beautiful gold vases but they are shown at, as a blog hop. However, I can say that if you get you some blue tape, make some stripes around your mason jar. Then paint them with some Krylon paint, you will have the same results. Easy Peasy, really.

 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas/

Again, this site does not show you how to make these New Years Mason Jar Crafts, she just shows you pictures of her party and decorations to give you ideas. Well I got lots of ideas from looking at all of her beautiful pictures. Her party was set up like one for a ballroom on New Years! If you are hosting a New Year’s Party you should definitely check it out.

Mason Jars filled with Glitter/

Anastasia was not planning a New Year’s party when she created this simply, gorgeous, mason jars, it was a birthday party, but these would be perfect for New Year’s. She simply added glitter to glass jars and added tea light! It don’t get no easier than that ladies.

Painted Gold & Black Mason Jars/

Over at Bubby and Bean they will show you how to paint these chic, black & gold mason jars. You just need tissue paper, tape, paint & your mason jar. Gorgeous does not have to be hard, ladies.

Glitter Dipped Mason Jars/

Last of our DIY New Years Mason Jar Crafts but none the less Fabulous. Over at the Lily shop she will show you how to make this glam, metallic gold, glitter dipped, Mason jar & 4 other ways to paint your mason jar.

Just don’t have the time? Have no fear these last few are for those of you who are just too busy. You can purchase these from some ladies who have already put in the hard work for you and made some Glam Gold & Black New Year’s Mason Jars, and now are selling them.



Gold & Black Glitter Mason Jar Set/ LimeandCo

Lime & Co makes both of these sets of glitter mason jars. They would make beautiful centerpieces! She sells them on etsy and amazon.

Black & Gold Glitter Mason Jar/ Everyday Designs

Glamorous!!!!That is all I can say about these.They are sold by Everyday designs at etsy & amazon.


Gold & Black Ombre Mason Jar Set/ TwoTeaOwls

I just love these Ombre Mason Jars, I could display them year round they are so gorgeous. They are made by 2 girls that go by TwoTeaOwls. They have many other designs and glitter mason jars, too!


Rustic Chic Black & Gold Lace Mason Jar/ ASweetLittleSomething

These are so lovely & unique! A sweet little something, sells them at Amazon, in an array of different colors. I think these black and gold lace ones would be add a glam, chic touch to your New Year’s and your flowers on the table after!

 Well ladies you should now be a little bit closer to the perfect New Year’s decorations. I hope you at least found one mason jar that will fit your New Year’s perfectly. Let me know your favorite one below in the comments. Have you seen any other glam New Year’s Mason Jar Crafts?  Share them with us below, too!