How to Open & Build Your Zazzle Store

Tips & Tricks to get you Started with your Zazzle Store:

How to Open & Build Your Zazzle Store

Since, starting this blog, The Modern Southern Mother, I was unsure of exactly which direction I wanted to take it. I knew that I eventually wanted it to be a source of income, but didn’t exactly know what I wanted or needed to do to get that income. I believe I have finally found my path, my passion. It is designing…we will dive more into what I’m designing for now we are gonna discuss the inspiration…

What is

Zazzle is this awesome website where you can buy, create, and sell custom designed products. As a customer, at you can shop thousands of products with thousands of custom designs for you to choose from. Then you can customize that design, to make it your own. Like a custom monogram. You can also, try out making your own designs on the product of your choice,(phone case, pillow, t-shirt, canvas). A really, freaking, awesome site to find unique, custom, designs.

As a designer, you can not only create a product to buy you can open a zazzle store for free and post your product for sale. Simply upload your design, use their mock-up generator to fit your design to the product, add some text, tags, description and title, set your royalty rate. Then post for sale on Zazzle marketplace. has simplified this process and made it so easy and seamless. You can have a product uploaded in just a few minutes. When someone buys your product, Zazzle prints your design on the item, packages, and ships to your customer. You then get your royalty.

How do I open a Zazzle Store?

I true Zazzle fashion, they have made this process extremely simple. First create a zazzle account here. Then once you have successfully done that you are ready to create your store. Make sure you have a name in mind already, as that is the first question and an important factor. This is what your customers will know you by and represent your designs.  Go here fill out the form and Bam…you now have opened your zazzle store and can begin uploaded your designs and placing them on products. I have become fascinated by all the designs I can make and what all I can put them on. It’s completely free, so honesty what do you have to loose, even if you are just slightly intrigued it can’t hurt to try it out.

Tips & Tricks to Build Your Zazzle Store

With the thousands of designers on Zazzle, the marketplace is quite crowded and it can seem near impossible to get your designs to stand out. Don’t get frustrated, try not to think of your first sale, instead concentrate on your designs and marketing your products. The more products you have out there the better chance of someone liking one of them and the more places your designs are promoted the better chance you have of someone seeing them. You can have the best designs in the world, but if nobody knows about them, you won’t sell them.

With that being said here are my tips for you:

  • Create Titles that describe your design while making the customer want to click on your product. (Ex: if you have a shirt with a cat on it, title a: Cat sitting in grass T-shirt Title b: Beautiful Tabby Cat on a Sunny Day T-Shirt) Which is more appealing…more eye catching?
  • Make sure to fill out the description as well as you can, describe your product very vividly.
  • Tags are one of the most important factors for your product being found by search so, make sure your tags are words that your customer will be using to find your product. Also, use words and phrases.
  • Put your design on as many products as you can. Some of your biggest money makers may not be the objects with the most royalty made but possibly the one that makes you near pennies per item. Like buttons, stickers, invitations, because people will buy multiple items.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote, I can’t say this enough. Talk about your designs, your store, your products, to anyone who wants to listen. Post your products on all social media sites…especially Pinterest. Buy and use your products, start a blog and blog about them, Just get the word out!!
  • Last one for now…Keep at it! Just keep on designing and uploading. If your designs are awesome people will eventually find them. It may take time for it to happen but, good things always come to those who wait. Don’t give up after your first month.

Since finding I have made hundreds of different designs and uploaded them onto many different products. I love the process and am enjoying every second of it. I sell everything for iphone7 cases to water bottles and keychains. You can check out my Zazzle store Southern_Creatives here.  I have also opened a store here on my site with a few of my designs. You can check it out here if you like. Tell me what you think.

If you are interested in starting a Zazzle store and who like more help, just ask below, have any questions about opening a store or building your store feel free to ask me in the comments and I will help you out the best that I can.

Be sure to come back for updates on how my Zazzle store is doing.