Coffee Self Tanner

at home coffee self tanningSummer is  here!!! The season of short, tank tops, and tan legs. However, if you are like me and it takes you forever to get that nice tan glow, on your pasty white legs. Then I have found your best friend this summer. My do it yourself coffee self tanner. 

I know that I could go sit in a tanning bed and within a few weeks I could have a nice tan. I however don’t like to bake away in a light box and I don’t have the time to do that. So last summer I went searching for a self tanner that worked good, no streaks, and a decent price. What I found was some awesome articles on do it yourself self tanners. (black tea….)

These articles gave me a great idea. If black tea could stain my skin and give it that nice tan color why wouldn’t coffee work that same way? It stains just like tea (or worse) on my clothes or counter tops. I did a bit more research about coffee on my skin. Turns out that coffee is great for your skin, people rave about it erasing cellulite, exfoliating, and so much more. With all my information I decided that I would try to make a coffee self tanner.

With a little bit of trial and error I got the color and glow perfectly.



This my recipe for coffee self tanner:   diy- coffee tanning

Prep: 10 min


You will need a coffee pot.



2 cups of water

4 tbsp of coffee ( you can use your regular coffee. The stronger the darker it will be.)

1 tsp coconut oil ( extra for moisturizer before)

1 spray bottle ( I used an old perfume bottle)


Directions: Make your coffee. Like is said, the stronger your coffee the darker the shade. So if you use more coffee and less water, you get a really dark, black, coffee. Don’t worry it won’t be nowhere near that dark. Let your coffee cool for a while. After it cools down, pour it in your bottle. You will probably have too much coffee, don’t fill it all the way up. Leave room for your coconut oil. Add your coconut oil and shake. That is it.

To Apply:  I always apply to my skin after I have exfoliated really good. Then I apply a generous layer of coconut oil where ever I want to apply the self tanner. Shake your coffee self tanner to mix up the coconut oil. Then spray in sections and rub in circular motions until dry. You can get streaks but they are easily removed by spraying some more on or using a bit of coconut oil rubbed in a circle. If all else fails you can take a wash cloth and wipe it off and start over. It dries and won’t stain your clothes. I have put it on at night and wore white shorts the next day, no rub off. For the most part it does wash off in the shower though.

So ladies, please enjoy my wonderful all natural, do it yourself, coffee self tanner.  Let me know how it works for you, or any all natural self tanners that you have found that work.

All-Natural, DIY, Coffee Self Tanner
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