Choosing The Best Glasses For Toddlers

Which glasses are best for toddlers, find out here

Choosing the best glasses for your toddler:

Last week we talked about finding out that your toddler has to wear glasses. If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet, you can do so here. This week we are going to talk about  Choosing the best glasses for toddlers. After the shock of finding out your child has to wear glasses has worn off, you can now focus on where to go from there. Which is finding the right glasses for your toddler.

Toddlers are busy, wild, and clumsy. They are always falling down or playing rough so it is important that you have glasses that can with stand all that. Your typical pair of glasses is made from metal and seems sturdy. However, my toddler has bent the arms of his metal glasses more times than I can count. Eventually they just become so bent out of shape that they will no longer sit on their face correctly. They are also put together by screws which can get stuck in them where no one can remove them, they are always working themselves loose, and they constantly have to be tightened.So as cute and sturdy as they appear I encourage you not to go with the typical metal frame glasses.

I have come to find after 4 pairs of glasses in a year for my toddler, that the glasses that are best for your toddler are the ones that are:

  • All Plastic
  • Have No Screws
  • Are Flexible

These are the 3 most important factor for choosing the best glasses for your toddler. You want a plastic, flexible, frame that is in one piece. Nothing to fall off, nothing to lose, and near impossible to break or bend out of shape. Below I have a few pair of glasses for toddlers that I have found to be Wonderful options! Click the links for more details.

 Miraflex New Baby2 Kids Eye Glass Frames

EnzoDate Kids Optical Glasses Frame Size 47-16-120 with Cord, No Screw Bendable

Tomato Glasses Frame Specialized for Kids (TKAC1) : non-slip, adjustable, ultralight, & safe


Eyeglass Frames for Kids, Red, Light Weight, Comfortable Material, Highly Durable, Flexible,

I really hope this article helped you to choose the best glasses for your toddler! Wish you the best of luck on life with toddler and their glasses. If you haven’t read my article on My Toddler Has To Wear Glasses, and you just found out your toddler needs glasses you should read it. Be Sure to come back next week, we are going to talk more in depth on miraflex alternatives.

Here To Help You Find The Right Glasses for your Toddler
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