50+ Places to find Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

50+ Sites to Find Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

The Ultimate List of Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

If you are one of my loyal followers here at TMSM then you know I have been revamping the site. Trying to make everything one cohesive design and uniquely me.That is a really difficult task to accomplish when you are not a photographer,and everybody & their momma knows about all the commercially free to use photo sites. Plus, it is so hard to find girly stock photos on those sites. They tend to pertain more to everyone instead of just us females.Also, I refuse to pay $15 a pop for one photo. I’m just a beginner so I am not making fortunes off my site to be able to afford that.

So I went searching for all the Most glamorous Free Girly Feminine Styled Stock Photos, that I could find. Seriously I went through everything Google & Pinterest had to offer. Let me tell you…I found loads of gorgeous, professionally styled, in glamorous pinks, teals, and chic patterns. All for FREE. I was so thrilled with my wonderful finds that I decided I had to share them with you lovely gals here at TMSM.  So I won’t hold you up any longer I know you really want to see all these Free Styled Stock Photos.

Huge List of Place to find Feminine Styled Stock Photos

Helene in Between

First up, we have Helene, from Helene in Between, she is a lifestyle and travel blogger who is now helping bloggers to succeed online. If you sign up for her newsletter you will receive her Free photo pack of 15 gorgeous photo .

Rekita Nicole

Ultimate List of Free Feminine Styled Stock PhotosHere we have, Rekita Nicole’s work, she is a graphic designer & brand stylist. She does glamorous styled stock photos! In exchange for your email she will give you a ton of her chic styled stock photos here

Ivory Mix

Free Feminine Styled Stock Photograhy I absolutely love Ivory Mix’s styled stock photos. Plus she has over 300 to choose from in many different themes and colors. She has some free photos for download in a post or subscribe to her list to gain access to all of her stock photos.

A Prettier Web

Free Girly Styled Stock Photos If you subscribe to Mel’s list at a Prettier Web she will send you 7 of her gorgeous styled stock photos, like the one above. Isn’t it so chic!

The Passion Pixel

Ultimate List of Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos Katie from the Passion Pixel & k19Studio offers a free photo pack for signing up to her email list. Her photos a simple yet elegant. To get her photo pack just click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page and input your email.  She does require attribution if you use the images on Instagram.

Bold and Pop

Free Girly Styled Stock Photos Just as their name states the Styled Stock Photos from Bold & Pop use bold colors that pop off the screen at you. Subscribe and receive access to all of their freebies, printables, blog resources, & 3 different Feminine Styled Stock Photos.

Haute Chocolate

Loads of Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos I think I am in love with this girls style. It is so chic, feminine, and elegant. It is like she knows the perfect way to place each object. Sign up for her newsletter to receive your first photo pack for free, plus a new one each month.

Her Creative Studio

Free Styled Stock Photos-The Modern Southern Mother Once you sign up for her newsletter you get access to her stockpile of Feminine Styled Stock Photos. I love the purple and teal together.

Ashlee liz

Free Chic Styled Stock Photos Ashlee liz is just a normal blogger like most of us. She tried her hand a creating her own Feminine Styled Stock Photos and decided she would share them with us fellow lady bosses. So scoot on over to her site and grab your free photos.

Barn Images

The Ultimate List of Feminine Styled Stock Photos Barn images is a free for commercial use photo site. They also have premium photo packs. Their focus is not of feminine styled stock photos but, they will give you a free pack of girly styled photos for free here.

Krennille Design

Free Girly Styled Stock Photos

Annamari is a brand & product stylist. If you are not a creative individual yet still want your small biz to stand out from the crowd. She can give you fempeneurs a hand. On her resources page you can find 4 free photo packs in different themes.

Carmen Creative

Gorgeous Free Styled Stock Photos Carmen is a talented Photographer and product stylist. Her work is very feminine and eye catching. Sign up to get your 2 free photos sent to your email.

I’m Luving This Life

Free Styled Stock Photos-The Modern Southern Mother  Katie is just a normal gal, blogging about everyday life, food, and blogger resources. She will give you  free styled stock photos in this post.

Pixels and Lattes

Where to find Free Feminine Stock Images

Pixels and lattes is one of the Styled Stock Library with Feminine stock photos for sale. They also offer you free photos for just for you email.

Creative Convex/ Pink Pot

  Chaitra is the creatives genius behind Pink Pot and Creative Convex. She does the most gorgeous Feminine Styled Stock Photos. If you sign up for her email at either site she will send you a free photo pack.

White Hart Design

White Hart design Studio does styled stock photography and creative templates for sale. If you sign up for their email they will send you 3 free stock photo or mockups each month.

Jacque of all Trades

Jacque is a fellow Boss Lady, she has built and ran 2 different ecommerce stores and wants to give back to her fellow ladies by giving us tips, tricks, and free resources like her free feminine stock photos, she gives you these in this post and this post.

Kate Maxwell Photography

Kate Maxwell is a photographer and blogger. She has a ton of beautiful photos for sale on her site as well as a few freebies, like the one above, she calls them follower freebies. Simple yet beautiful.


Petra is your pinterest expert. She gives advice and tips for the visual giant. She also gives away this pack of Scandinavian styled stock photos. Not necessarily girly but elegant none the less.

Mara Burkes

Mara Burkes is  blog for female business owners. She covers  a little bit of it all, plus she is a fanatic photographer. If you sign up for her email you can download 90+ feminine styled stock photos free.


Allison blogs about her travels and gives fellow bloggers tips and advice. In this post she gives you 15 Free Styled Stock Photos.

Holly McCaig

Holly is a branding and blog strategist, with experience in graphic design. She is an extremely talented creative individual. Sign up to her list to receive access to her resource library.

Miranda Nahmias

Miranda is a talented Virtual Assistant, most of her post are about this, however she does beautiful photography and if you sign up for her newsletter she will give you quite a few photo packs for free.

Ashley Creates Things

Ashley is a very creative chic, she is like me, She cooks, makes, blogs, and shares it all with you lovely ladies. She has 2 different post where she gives you 10 Free Styled Stock Photos. You can get yours here and here.

Cliche` Mignon

This is a french site, however it is well worth the wait for google to translate and you to sign up for their newsletter. Once you do that you will have access to download their free styled stock photos.

Cynthia Koenig

Cindy from Make your blog beautiful, will help you do just that with the beautiful turquoise styled stock photos.Sign up for her email list to get access to her free library.

WonderFelle Media

Elle from Wonderfelle is a content market strategist and styled stock photographer. She has a shop where she sells tons of glamorous styled stock photos, it is called the Styled Stock Society. Being the wonderful person she is she also gives away 10 of her beauties for Free, just for giving her your email.  Just click the pink link then scroll down to the middle of the page. You will see where to get the photos.

Style Undone Creative

I can not get enough of her bright and colorful these girly styled photos are. Nidia is the mastermind behind these beauties and she will give you access to this one and more in her Gift List, or if you want a more personal touch she will work with you to create the perfect images for you blog or biz.

Solopreneur Sidekick

Louise’s website Solopreneur Sidekick is all about teaching you to create a beautiful website that works. Like you, she knows that pictures are a big part of creating you own site. So, she will give you 10 Chic styled stock photos, right here.

Shay Cochrane

Shay is known to some as the Queen of styled stock photos. She is the mastermind behind SCStockShop, if you sign up for her newsletter you will receive a free photo pack. Mine did not showcase her talents by no means. Her shop is full of color and bright whites. But the green leafery is pretty none the less.

Elle Wesley Creative

Elle Westley is a talented brand stylist and creative business consultant. If you have not the first creative bone in your body and just can’t figure out how to style your brand. This is the lady to see. But if you just want some glamorous chic styled photos then just go to her site and sign up for her email subscription and she will send you 5 of her Feminine Stock Photos.

Dabbles and Babbles

Jamey over at Dabbles and Babbles is one creative individual. She shares lots of sewing & crochet patterns. Crafts, printables, and even tips and advice for bloggers. She shares this pack of 8 beautifully styled stock photos in this post on her blog.

Pinterest Strategist

Jill has a whole library of stock images that you can download and use free of charge. So many that she now has a dedicated site for her stock library. Not all of them are feminine styled photos but they are all beautiful. Visit her site picxclicx to get her free stock photos.

The Magical Canopy

50+ Places to Find Lady Boss Styled Photos

Roxanne is a creative, lifestyle blogger. You can see examples of her photography all over her blog. She has 3 different post with free styled stock photo packs that she has done. Click these links to get your free photos.Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.


Makeup Savvy

Makeup Savvy is a blog about make-up and beauty products mainly but She also offers blog tips, printables, and this fabulous set of Girly Styled Stock Photos.

City Girl Searching

A lifestyle blog with business tips for the creative entrepreneur. Sign up and receive access to her library with the glam feminine styled stock images.

Nicholette Styles

Nicolette teaches you all about designing with Canva on her site. If you don’t know what canva is, it is a free photo editing site. If you sign  up for her email subscription you will gain access to her free canva designing course. In the bonus tab she has over 50 chic styled stock photos for you to use for whatever you like.

Rakshi Creations

Rakshi is wonderful web designer, who gives us tips and tricks to build our own website. In exchange for your email or for sharing her work she will give you lots of free styled stock photos. Just visit her site to get you free photos.

Once Upon Her Dream

Nash over at Once upon her dream is a creative crafter, sharing her passion with the world on her blog. She gives you free Feminine styled stock photos like the one above for signing up for her newsletter.

How to Start a Mom Blog

Just as the site suggest, Start a Mom Blog is all about helping her fellow mothers, start and create your own blog, from home. So that we can all be entrepreneurs and stay at home moms. Get your free pack of the gorgeous photos of flowers and pearls, here. .

Color u Bold

Jasmine from Color u Bold shows you how to use Feminine Styled Photos for your blog and she gives you  a pack of them for FREE. Get yours right here.

Its so Organized

Sign up to her newsletter to get access to her resource library & download your gorgeous photos like the one above.

Desire Chanteuse

Desire is a fashion & beauty blogger from Alabama. She will give you freebies for your blog for signing up for her email subscription. I just love how she got the pink to pop out of these pictures.

Amber Creative Co

Amber wants to help you build your business and blog, in just the way that you want it to look. Visit her blog for tips and resources to help create and grow you blog, while there sign up for her email to unlock her Freebie Vault, where you can download this gorgeous pack of styled stock photos.

Gold and Berry

Visit the lifestyle & design blog Gold and Berry to get the 4 Feminine Styled Stock Photo Packs they have for free. Each is in a different theme and are all Glamorous, like the one above. Click here, to get yours.

Shafaq O. Mair

  Shafaq is a fellow Ladypreneur & web designer. She has lots of great tips for bloggers on her site and if you subscribe to her list you will get lots of Free girly Styled Stock Photos.

The Chaotic Creative

  Christine is a creative blogger, trying to help us show our creative side. She recently launched her marketplace and will give you this styled stock photo for free in this post.


Plums Pixel Love

  Claire is an amazing photographer, stylist, and graphic design. Did I say Amazing?? You can get 2 free feminine styled stock photos for your blog when you sign up for her email(on the right side).


  Liza blogs about everything creative, DIYs, crafts, home decor, etc. She share these beautiful Pink Feminine Styled Stock Photos in this post.

Branding Blogging

Stephanie is the creative mastermind behind Branding Blogging Served, she creates graphic resources for us bloggers. She will give you this amazing set of 40 gorgeous styled stock photos in exchange for your email.

Twigy Post

  Twigy post sells some simply beautiful minimalist photos. She just launched her site and will give you free photo pack for signing up for her email.

Studio Louvain

Last but not least, Karen`e, this woman  creates absolutely stunning styled stock photos for bloggers. The descriptions of her work are just as intriguing as her photos, too. She says if you sign up she will send you free photos, however I couldn’t find the link for her newsletter. But, in this post I found a freebie.


Whewww…That was one hella list. You are now set for a while now on the photo department. Go create, design, and then come back and share with us what you made with your Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos. Be sure to bookmark or pin this page to come back and check for updates of new styled stock photos to come.Because I will be on the look out for more Gorgeous photos for all of us Lady Bosses and who knows maybe I will try my hand at making some of my own beauties. Do you know anywhere else to find Free Chic Styled Stock Photos let us know below in the comments.