DIY Bath Bombs without citric acid or cream of tarter

DIY Bath Bombs without Citric Acid

Today I am going to show you how to make those pretty Bath Bombs, without using citric acid or cream of tarter. You see I wanted to try to make some of those gorgeous bath bombs, however I didn’t have any citric acid or cream of tarter because I don’t use those very often. Instead of just stopping there, I just did a little research with the products I had in my pantry.

Lemon Chicken Recipe-The Modern Southern Mother

Asian Lemon Chicken Recipe

The Lemon Chicken at the Chinese restaurant has always been one of my favorites. It is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. I recently decided to try to replicate this Asian dish, the results were Amazing!!! So of course I had to share with my fans here at The Modern Southern Mother, so that ya’ll can enjoy this Sweet, tangy,  Asian Lemon Chicken, too. It is an easy week night fix or the perfect dish to wow some friends and family. It only takes about 45 minutes cook and is sure to please the whole family.

Big List of Toxin Free Nail Polishes

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Nail Polish

One would think that something as simple as painting your nails, would be harmless. It should be an enjoyable task , that makes you feel pretty. However, over the past 10 years, we have learned through research and studies, that there is everything from known carcinogens to hormone disrupting phthalates. As a result of those findings, since 2006, Nail polish companies have started to create Non-Toxic Nail Polishes. As always some can be trusted to be as they say, and some can not. I have compiled a huge list of Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands, as well as, what I like to call The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Nail Polish.

DIY Face Cleanser

DIY Face Cleanser

Like I said each product I make is made from all natural ingredients, that are usually already in my pantry. I use only things that I know won’t harm my skin. Still I always try a small amount before I apply liberally, everyone is different you never know how your skin will react to any product. This DIY Face Cleanser has some of the most potent organic ingredients to really clean deep down, while gently exfoliating, then leaving a protective barrier. Let’s talk about these 3 ingredients shall we…

23 Natural Beauty Brands-TMSM

20+ All Natural Beauty Brands

Imagine how much healthier you could be if you just started using all-natural, organic, beauty products.If you only put 100% natural products on your skin, then your body will only be absorbing healthy, organic, products. Products that contain vitamins and minerals that nourish the body instead of possibly cause cancer. Feed your body the good stuff and it will reward you with a happy, healthy, life.

Cucumber and Aloe Facial Scrub

DIY Cucumber & Aloe Face Scrub

Since I have been sharing all these DIY sugar scrubs, I decided that I would share with ya’ll one of my face scrubs.This DIY Cucumber and Aloe Facial Scrub is a refreshing, gentle exfoiliator, with added moisturizing and toning benefits. Plus it is great for those under the eye bags.It is all natural, using just a few simple ingredients that you probably have on hand.

Simple Cajun Shrimp Boil

5 Ingredient Cajun Shrimp Boil

This one pot dish has been a Southern Tradition for a long time. It’s the dish that brings family and friends to gather around the table. After boiling all the 5 ingredients together, drain the water, throw some newspaper on the picnic table and then dump your pot out. Everyone will join together for some a Cajun Shrimp Boil and good conversation. Your table will become an awesome mirage of food, laughter, and a great time. Plus, it is so simple and clean up is minimal, so grab some friends and fill your picnic table.

Best - Ever Corned Beef Brisket

Best-Ever Corned Beef Brisket

Corned Beef Brisket has always been a favorite of mine, however it is said to be an acquired taste. It is different from any other meat you have ever tasted. But don’t let that persuade you from trying it, it is simply awesome if you ask me. Most people simply boil the corned beef brisket, which is good, don’t get me wrong, but it can be bland that way. My recipe for Corned Beef Brisket is started in the slow cooker then glazed and put in the oven to give it that crisp bark plus it has a bold, knock you socks off, mustard based glazed with a nice rub to top it off. I promise it will be the best Corned Beef Brisket you have ever cooked!

4th of July Party Decorations

Everything You Need For Your 4th Of July Party

The smell of burgers and hot dogs in the air, the sun shining bright,  and family and friends gathered around, nothing like a Fourth of July Party. It is the perfect time of year to get everyone together where you can hang out in the sun around the pool enjoying the sun or by the grill enjoying some good food and of course FIREWORKS!! Today I have for you everything you need to ROCK your 4TH of JULY PARTY this year!! From red, white, and blue decor to red, white, and blue food!

20+ DIY Sugars Scrubs-The Modern Southern Mother

20+ All Natural DIY Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs are one of my favorite homemade skin care products. They are wonderful for exfoliating away the dead skin. Plus they moisturize the skin while exfoliating and they are easy and cheap to make. I mean what is there not to love? Now I absolutely love my all natural sugar scrubs, they do all the above plus they are not harmful to my skin at all.What is there not to love.

All-Natural DIY- Sweet Peaches Sugar Scrub

Sweet Peach DIY Sugar Scrub

Today I am sharing with ya’ll a new all natural diy sugar scrub. This sugar scrub features one of the south’s favorite fruits, peaches. The peaches really set this sugar scrub apart from the rest, that fresh fruity peachy smell will leave you smelling lovely while the coconut oil moisturizes and the sugar exfoliates. Plus, it will only take you just 10 minutes to make.

Which glasses are best for toddlers, find out here

Choosing The Best Glasses For Your Toddler

Choosing the best glasses for toddlers. After the shock of finding out your child has to wear glasses has worn off, you can now focus on where to go from there. Which is finding the right glasses for your toddler.Toddlers are busy, wild, and clumsy. They are always falling down or playing rough so it is important that you have glasses that can with stand all that.

Homemade Mixed Berry Sugar Scrub

DIY Mixed Berry Sugar Scrub

Let start by saying, Sugar Scrubs are awesome. They are great for exfoliating your skin, like before using my Coffee Self Tanner, or before shaving. They are also so simple to make and I can easily create a concoction for whatever mood I’m in. This homemade sugar scrub is made from a handful of mixed berries that I had.

My Toddler Has to Wear Glasses, What Now?

My Toddler Has To Wear Glasses, Now What?

Let me guess… you have just left the ophthalmologist, where you were told your toddler has to wear glasses, amongst other really big words, I’m sure. Whether you were like I was and you had your suspicions about your toddler needing glasses or you simply went to a check-up and your pediatrician suggested you see a pediatric ophthalmologist, You are never quite prepared to hear those words…Your son/daughter needs to wear glasses.

The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich- TMSM

The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich

Chicken is my favorite meat and my favorite way to eat it is fried. I know not the healthiest, but that is the southern in me.This recipe has fried chicken as well as some great condiments making it The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich. From the base fried chicken breast in this recipe you can create whatever you consider to be the ultimate chicken sandwich.

Best Books For Any Toddler

15 Best Books For Toddlers

From the age of 0 to 3 years old, 75% of your brain growth happens. With that being said, I believe it is critical to cram as much useful information in there as possible, during this time. What better way to do that than to read books. My toddler son loves to read and look at books, by himself or someone else reading them to him. We have a bookshelf full, but are always looking for new ones. So, I have compiled a list of 15 of the best books for toddlers. Some we have read and some we are going to be adding to our collection soon.

at home coffee self tanning

DIY Coffee Self Tanner

Summer is  here!!! The season of short, tank tops, and tan legs. However, if you are like me and it takes you forever to get that nice tan glow, on your pasty white legs. Then I have found your best friend this summer. My do it yourself coffee self tanner. 

no tv at bedtime

Why I Quit Letting My Child Watch T.V. at Bedtime

As a parent in this day and age, technology is a blessing and a curse. For almost any problem there is a piece of technology that could make life easier in some way, shape, or form. In almost any parents journey through parenthood they will try out some of those technologies, some for better, some for worse.

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